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MY FAMILY – vocabulary

nuclear family                         extended family                      stepfamily

stepbrother/half-brother        mother/father-in-law/in-laws  sibling

cousin                                     nephew/niece                          fiancé/fiancée

ex-wife                                  bachelor                                 widower

bride/groom                           mistress                                  relative

son/daughter-in-law                spinster                                  orphan

twins/triplets                         uncle/aunt                              boyfriend

great-grandmother                  bridesmaid                              witness

husband-to-be                         immediate family                     family tree

ancestor/descendant               marriage/engagement/divorce  adoption

pregnancy                               give birth to                           propose

infertility                               generation gap                        single parent f.

maternal/parental grandparents                                            abortion   

foster family     


  • Single, married, divorced, separated, widowed, engaged to, to tie the knot
  • Get married to, marry, get engaged, get divorced, be/fall in love with, go out with, go steady with, break up, to dump sb, to date, to see each other, to start a family
  • It was love at first sight. Do you hear wedding bells? Will the wedding take place at the register office or in church? Where are you going to spend your honeymoon? I guess I’m not the marrying kind. Who does the child take after? He is the very image of his father. They split up. He walked out on her. She is named after her father.
  • A newborn baby, a baby-boy, a toddler, a preschooler, a schoolgirl, a teenager, an adolescent, at the age of 18, young adult, in his mid/late thirties, aging, elderly
  • He is my age, at your age, a person aged 30, I am twice your age, approaching middle age, heading for retirement, He is over the hill, He is as old as the hills.
  • Man – a breadwinner, woman – a housewife, premarital living together, childless families (by choice or medical problems), single by choice, elderly people in retirement homes



How would you describe your parents? Do you have any siblings? What can you tell us about them? What is your relationship with them like? What are the pros and cons of being an only child? How often do you meet extended family members? What do you do when your family gets together? What are suitable reasons for getting divorced? What is the role of a man in today’s family? Should old people stay in retirement homes?