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Převeďte slovesa v závorkách do minulého času

     Tell me about the time when you __were__ (be)  young, Grandpa.

Well, life ______ (be) very different, when I ______ (be) your age. I ________ (not go) to school by bus, and I ____________ (not have) a motorbike like your mother. I always ________ (walk) or __________ (go) by bike. After school I often _________ (play) football with my friends. We _____________(not have) computers of course.

     What about the cinema? Did you ever go there?

There ________ (be) no cinema in our small village. And the bus into the city _______(be) too expensive. My parents ___________ (not have) a car.

     Poor grandpa! No computer, no cinema and no car…

Poor grandpa? Oh no! Me and my friends ___________ (be) very happy and we __________ (have) a great time together. We ___________ (not need) mobiles and CDs and all these things.

     By the way, how did you meet grandma?

When I was about seventeen I _________ (go) dancing on Saturday afternoons. One day, I ______(see) this beautiful girl. But I _________ (not speak) to her because I ________ (know) she __________ (have) a boyfriend. But then, a long time later, someone _________ (tell) me that the boy ___________ (be) her brother. I was so happy that I ________ (ask) her to dance with me. After that we _________ (go) out every Saturday.

     What a happy ending!


resource: STEVENS, KARG, MONKEBERG: First Choice A1, 2007.