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7. 1. 2011

SPORTS – vocabulary


  • Equipment - racquet, jogging shoes, roller skates, sleigh, Frisbee, pool stick, paddles, skateboard, dartboard, fishing rod, bat, surfboard, raft, hurdles, mat, bow and arrow
  • Athletics, ball games, water sports, winter sports, boxing, wrestling, weight lifting, high/long/triple jump, discus/hammer/javelin throw, decathlon, fencing, cycling, rock climbing/mountaineering, hiking, judo, karate, yoga, rowing, motor racing, gliding, speed/figure skating (ice rink), baseball, diving, handball, target shooting, swimming, table tennis, badminton (to serve, to return, tie-break, court, net, rackets, shuttlecock), swimming (swimsuit, bathing cap, goggles, the crawl, breaststroke, backstroke, butterfly), do aerobics, cross-country/downhill skiing (slope, skis, hard-packed ice snow, poles, lift)
  • Competition/contest, championship, amateur, medal, race, stadium


I like to play… I play … with my friends after school. I play in a team and we participate in various competitions. We have training three times a week. Our coach expects a lot/drives us hard.

In spring I enjoy … Over the summer I do … In the autumn months I … During winter I …

Sports help develop (skill/strength/alertness). Sports also provide an opportunity for teamwork/cooperation.



Are you a sportsperson? Which is your favourite sport? (to practise, to watch?) What are your favourite summer and winter sports? Do you prefer indoor or outdoor sports? How many hours a week do you spend playing them? What do you do to keep fit? What sports would you like to try if you had the opportunity? Are there any sports you dislike? What are the benefits of playing sports? Which do you like better: team sports or individual sports? What do you think of sport as business? Do you think that people should be paid for their sports activity? Why? Do you think that the salaries of professional sportspeople are disproportional compared to how other professions are paid? What do you think of the behaviour of sports fans? How can hooliganism among sports fans be prevented? What do you think of professional sportsmen taking drugs to improve their performance? Is winning the most important in sport?


Problem to discuss:

Money should not play the key role in sport.