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Jobs - use of English and writing

24. 5. 2010


Read the job advertisement and fill spaces 1-15 with these words.

a    an    as    between    but    for    in    of    on    than    the    up    which    who    with

Morgen Sun International

Leisure Planner

We own hotels and holiday centres in England, France, Spain and Portugal. The leisure planner is responsible 1________ planning and organizing leisure activities for guests and other clients. The post requires  someone 2 ________ the ages of 25 and 35 with an interest in encouraging people 3 _______  all ages to take part in 4 ________ wide range of leisure activities at our holiday centres. Fluency 5 _______  French and either Spanish or Portuguese is also desirable 6 ________ not essential. Although 7 ________ successful candidate for the post will be based in our London headquarters, he or she will be required to travel frequently. Candidates must be capable of working 8 ________ their own but at the same time be able to cooperate 9 _______ other members of a busy team. In addition, the successful candidate must have 10 _______ international driving licence.

Senior Personal Assistant

We are also looking for someone 11 ________ has had at least five years' secretarial experience to assist the managing director. Good organizational and communication skills are essential, 12 ________ well as the ability to use computers, software and other information management systems.

Candidates for both positions must be ready to take 13 ________ their posts no later 14 ________ the end of the year and should apply in their own handwriting on standars forms, 15 ________ are available from the Personnel Department.



Read this advertisement


 We are looking for someone to arrange weekend and evening events for a group of students from Europe, who will be studying at a London language school in July and August. Could it be you? Are you

  • a good organizer?
  • sociable and outgoing?
  • good at languages?
  • familiar with the local area?

If you are, please write to us, saying why you would be suitable for this job.

Read this letter of application for the job that is advertised above. Choose the words or phrases in italics that you think are more formal.

Dear Sir or Madam,

     I am writing to apply for the post / job of Social Events Organizer which was advertised in last week's edition of Summer Jobs.                                                                                                       

     I am now / currently studying French and Italian at London University, so I speak both languages well.

     I feel I would be suitable / right for this position because I have good organizational skills, and I greatly enjoy going out and meeting new people. I have lived in London all my life so I know many of the places that young students would enjoy.

     I have experience of this kind of work. Last summer I was employed by / worked for Imperial Hotels as Tour Organizer, and I arranged excursions to places of interest in and around London. I also worked for London Life last Christmas, which involved taking groups of / some American tourists around the capital.

     My course finishes in the middle of June, so I would be available for work / can start working at any time during July and August.

     Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need / require any more / further information. I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,